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Functionality, feel and elegance, these are key underlying concepts of the Cádomotus brand. Our quality commitment extends to every product that carries our name. Your total performance package is only complete when you accessorize with the same attention to detail that you put into your selection of skate gear. Our line of accessories will outfit your every need, from travel to track. Cádomotus style is something no other skate company can compete with.

Cádomotus has developed a clothing line for speed skaters, cyclists and triathletes with the fashion sports brand Fila. Fila is not only one of the biggest and most popular fashion/sportswear brands in Asia and Europe, but they are also the supplier of the Dutch Olympic speed skating team. The same designers who created the speed suits for the 2018 Netherlands Speed Skating Olympic Team in PyeongChang, Korea, are the same ones who have built and designed our aero speed suit. Fila also works with the professional cycling team Lotto-Jumbo to create the most aerodynamic, comfortable cycling kits in the industry.

  1. Aero inline speedsuit Onyx


    The new Onyx lycra skinsuit is designed together with the Colombian world team skaters from Cádomotus. The aero speedskate suit represents the temperament and rich colors in South American culture in a stylish Cadomotus design. This speedsuit is produced by Fila and offers an aerodynamic advantage by applying fabrics to a technique that can also be found in the clothing of the Lotto-Jumbo team.

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  2. Aero inline speedsuit World Team


    Cádomotus and Fila worked closely together in order to create these uniforms and equipment. They focus on creating suits with functionality, using innovation and creative design work.

    Together we have developed an exclusive, high end clothing line for inline speed skaters. Our Fila speed suit was developed with the latest aerodynamic technology, which was also used to design the skating suits that the Dutch team wore for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. The purpose of this suit is to to encourage skaters to adopt the perfect skating form so they will be looking and feeling faster than ever before.

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  3. Aero inline speedsuit Mia-Cadomotus Team


    Our competition suit is created not just for the top athletes of our world teams but for you as well. The Cadomotus MIA clothing line is meant for girls who want to look and be the best. Designed, developed and highly recommended by our MIA athletes, this aero speed suit will have you going faster and looking better than ever before. 

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  4. Soft Flask 250ml


    This flexible and ergonomic bottle adapts to the shape of your body; It fits anywhere in your speedskating skinsuit! The soft flask is comfortable in the hand, with silicon bite valve.

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  5. MIA Soft Flask 250ml

    This flexible and ergonomic bottle adapts to the shape of your body! The soft flask is comfortable in the hand, with silicon bite valve. Learn More
  6. Waterproof rain vest

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    Skating in the wet weather is no one’s idea of fun, but if you want to make it a little more bearable then a good waterproof vest is an essential investment. Learn More
  7. cap 'CadoMotus'

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    Light-weight moisture wicking performance cap. Learn More
  8. Drink Bottle 600ml

    Our soft and easy to squeeze bottle with a large and soft silicon nozzle (big mouth) that provides more water flow. Effortless to use and leak proof. Our bottle makes staying hydrated easy! Featured with at twist lock cap for easy use and cleaning. Learn More
  9. Black A-logo tee

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    New stylish brand shirt with CadoMotus A-logo in classic black/white Learn More
  10. Blue A-logo tee

    New stylish brand shirt with our A-logo in corporate cyan blue! Learn More