Ice Speed Skate Boots

Would you like to know if the Cádo Motus ice speedskate boots fit onto your ice blades?

Check our chart with the different boot mount spacing per size.

Paul Marchese: the #1 boot maker in ice speed skating. With 84 Olympic medals on his skates, Paul's knowledge and experience are unparalleled. Cádo Motus and Marchese Racing have begun a unique partnership, one that makes Marchese's famous speed skate boots available and affordable for everyone. For the first time, you can own a Marchese stock boot, built to Paul’s very own rigorous specifications. Molded to your own foot, these Marchese ice skating boots become semi-custom speed skate boots and give you the advantage of a platform specifically designed to give you ownership of the track under your feet. And with the Marchese brand on your feet, your psychological war on your opponent’s confidence starts from the ice up. It’s the first stroke in the art of winning.