Ice Speed Skate Accessories

Ice Speed Skate Accessories

Precision weaponry requires precision gadgetry to maintain top performance. Our performance parts and tools keep your speed skating equipment in top-flight status, ready to take on all opponents, any time, anywhere.

  1. Record tube-ends iD (4! units)

    Polyurethane tube-ends to close the Record ice blade (required for marathon races) Learn More
  2. Speedaero overshoe

    Improve your aerodynamics, protect your ankles and save your speedskating boots! Learn More
  3. Standard Dial Indicator for radius or bend gauge


    Highly qualified measuring instrument. Range 0-1mm; Graduation 0,001mm for reliable radius or bend measuring.

    Dial only (not the complete gauge)

    Learn More
  4. Speedblade soakers

    Marchese ultra strong, cut resistant microfleece blade guards are functional and long-lasting. Learn More
  5. Cuerdas técnicas paquete de 1

    Set de cuerdas técnicas: entrenamiento específico de fuerza y arranque, sencillo para los principiantes. Learn More
  6. Cuerdas técnicas paquete de 2
    Out of stock

    Cuerdas técnicas paquete de 2

    Out of stock

    Set de cuerdas técnicas con dos cinturones de cadera: el mayor entrenamiento de patinaje de fuerza y arranque. Learn More
  7. Marchese hard case
    Out of stock

    Marchese hard case

    Out of stock

    Hard body zipped case to protect your ice blades during travelling. Learn More
  8. Cordones encerados Cádomotus

    Ata tus botas Rookie con estos cordones encerados de gran calidad. Hechos en Alemania. Learn More
  9. Adaptador 165-195 Cádomotus Exchange

    Adapta tus botas de patinaje de velocidad a tus cuchillas de hielo o tus botas de 165 a un anclaje de 195. Learn More
  10. Staybent Short Track bender

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    Machined from a solid aluminium block this bender offers a greater control than other speed skating maintentance tool. Learn More
  11. Staybent Long Track bender

    This bender works on the flat sections of your blade only, not on the tube. Learn More
  12. Staybent Radius gauge

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    The easiest to use and most accurate gauge for new and experienced ice blade technicians. This blade tool can be used for radius or bend measuring in or out your sharpening jig. Learn More
  13. Staybent sharpening frame

    Worlds most accurate and stable sharpening frame Learn More
  14. Staybent top mount locators

    .. to ensure that your blades are level every time you sharpen Learn More
  15. Ing Engineering 3-point holder by Heemskerk Metaal
    Out of stock

    Ing Engineering 3-point holder by Heemskerk Metaal

    Out of stock


    Easy to use holder for your clock to measure the radius of your blades while setup in your sharpening frame. The 3-point frame is designed for reliable and accurate checking of the radius eliminating error caused by instability. This tool is ideal for those skaters or technicians that prefer to rocker the blades by hand.

    We offer a standard dial for this gauge or the Mahr Millimess.

    Learn More
  16. Ing Engineering bender by Heemskerk Metaal

    This bender is designed to match the Record blade geometry but can be used for any other speedskating blades also, it comes with a flat and profiled wheel. Machining of the parts and assembly is done in the Netherlands at Heemskerk Metaal. Learn More
  17. Mahr Federal Millimess Dial Comparator

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    Range +/- 50µm; Resolution 1µm Learn More
  18. Radius jig

  19. Wheel for Ing bender

    This wheel is designed to match the Record blade geometry Learn More
  20. Sanwa Kenma 5pc diamond sharpening set

    Simply the most advanced sharpening set in the world. Learn More