This aero road bike helmet is a great looking, great fitting, safe and aerodynamic helmet for cyclists, triathletes and speedskaters


The best aero road helmets with HD visor for road racing, track cycling, triathlon, time trial and speedskating!

All of our aero helmets are certified for ISU (ice skating) and the UCI (cycling) races. The Omega aerodynamic time trial helmet is the prefered choice for professional ice speedskaters but also a perfect aero alternative for cyclists and triathletes.

Aero helmet for more than just cycling (or just speedskating)

Looking for the best aero road helmet with visor for road racing, crit races, track, triathlon, time trialling and speedskating? The Cádo Motus Omega Aero cycling helmet protects your head and provides aerodynamic performance that you need to cheat the wind. This aero road bike helmet is a great looking, great fitting, safe and aerodynamic helmet for cyclists that’s based on our popular Omega Aero platform. This aerodynamic aero helmet is a world class entry into the cycling helmet market. It’s the epitome of Cádo Motus style and performance.

The integrated SKY lenses offer a uniform eye coverage with no disruption from the frame, as would be the case with standard glasses. You will experience a wider field of vision. The Omega SKY lenses are unique because they are attached via three powerful magnets that allow you to quickly and easily remove the visor, placing it in a “storage” position when you want to get the visor out of the way (this also makes getting the helmet on and off incredibly easy).

The Omega is one of the best ventilated Aero bike helmets thanks to the two large vents in the front of the helmet. The honeycomb structure inside the vent holes allows fresh air to flow into the internal channels, at the same time the honeycomb structure works as a bug shield and prevents insects to get in.

Lightweight cycling helmet

Our Delta cycling helmet is the perfect choice for inline speedskaters and cyclist who are looking for minimum weight and maximum ventilation. You will not find a lighter helmet anywhere. Ventilation like no other and a price like no other cycling brand will offer. Safety should never be expensive.

Why ice skating helmets are different

Ice skating helmets were designed with a complete new idea in mind. Aside from a helmet making ice skating safer, it was also a chance to make ice skating faster. With the Omega Aero helmet we did that.

  • It was proven that an aero helmet helps lowering your wind resistance. A helmet still has to be comfortable though. The helmet should attach nicely in the neck, which is pulled back further than it is on a cycling helmet.
  • Ventilation while ice skating is extremely important. Through sweat it’s easier to get hypothermia, especially being out side on the natural ice. That’s why in developing the Omega we spent extra time on vents and honey comb construction.
  • Safety should come first in a helmet. These helmets meet the international skating federations guidelines and are officially certified. They follow the shape of your head, have no sharp points or big holes that your opponents blade could fit through in a crash.

Since October 1st 2017 Cádo Motus offers a crash replacement for all helmets. Visit the registration page and fill in the form within 30 days after purchase to be able to claim a new helmet after a crash. You find more information on our blog.

 An aero helmet with snap-on visor and great ventilation for triathletes